Friday, May 1

Special Hari Buruh:Traditional Pantun

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A ripen jackfruit hanging off the hedge,
Get me a pole and help shove it through;
I'm just a kid gaining some knowledge,
Correct me please if you find me untrue.

The Pandan Island is far from land,
Three peaks has the Daik Mountain;
Though the body has rot in the sand,
The good deeds are never forgotten.

Two or three cats running on the land,
The cat with stripes is superior;
Two or three (people) I can easily find,
But not comparable to you, my dear.

The shoot of mango and pomegranate,
A little catfish in the palm of hand;
In foreign land though that separates,
Out of sight is never out of mind.

P/S: Wah! kejang urat-urat sarat dalam pale hotak aku nak translate menatang neh sume. Ssh jugak ea nak meng-english-kan pantun melayu neh hu3.. So hargailah khazanah bangsa kita, majulah pantun untuk bangsa! I LOVE PANTUN (special sempena Hari Buruh seMalaya)
sudah baca sila LIKE ye. SEND pada kawan juga boleh.

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