Monday, August 31

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Hey there guys!
Its Merdeka day tomorrow!Merdeka Day is Malaysia’s celebration of Independence on August 31st. So here, I would like to wish all Malaysians "Happy Independent Day 52th" -->da tua negara kite neh rupenye hehe..

Well, I think it’s great to share my memories about Merdeka Day celebrations in school. Actually my memory is blur – I think most probably we sang some patriotic songs and that was it.There were performances of patriotic songs and dance from the various major races.And instead of the uniform, students wore their respective traditional costumes – some wore their own, some wore costumes from other races. It was quite a sight that I had to grab that picture of it into my memories -->no pictures to share, sorry!

Also on Merdeka day always include the parade on TV, images of the flag, and the black and white profile of Tunku Abdul Rahman. For folks in Malaysia it is a public holiday and for all Malaysians, a perfect excuse to throw a great sleep! haha..

Well, truth be told, I’m not feeling the Merdeka mood too much. I wonder if it’s because everyone’s been focusing on the impending the holy month (well, it’s here now) Ramadhan that we’ve forgotten that it’s also Merdeka Month!

Sure, we hear Ministers talk about a low-key Merdeka Parade because of the fasting (I think they are all just scared of H1N1!) but I haven’t seen too many flags flying about yet, and cars seem to be flag free too.

Well, it’s a good thing then that my friend Miss X is such a patriotic person. I have always heard she sang patriotic songs in the bathroom. Maybe she must have got carried away haha.. sorry friend!

My journey to be a Malaysian

Sarawak: tempat lahirku.. ~ dimanja-manja,bestnye..
--> 3 tahun

Perak: zaman pelesitku hik3.. (byk kali kena piat neh, xserik-serik!)
-->9 tahun

Johor: HOME SWEET HOME! zaman mengumpul sijil + anugerah kecemerlangan.. wah~
--> 15 tahun

Kelantan: zaman nerd + polosnye aku huk3.. belajar jadi manusia
--> 17 tahun

Negeri Sembilan: zaman kolej.. ~jumpa cinta?!
--> 19 tahun

Pahang: zaman mencipta masa depan... Here I am!
--> 19++ tahun.. ngeh3

P/S:Tanggal tiga puluh satu... lalala~
sudah baca sila LIKE ye. SEND pada kawan juga boleh.

3 ribu komen:

rockmetaller said...

slap2..i folo u...

dont slap2 ha..

selamat sambut merdeka.

mari kita ikut jalan yg benar!

abas said...

selamat merdeka...
abg nak tau ko nye page ni lagu dier tajuk ape ek..

seroja jingga said...

hey dik..salam merdeka too..just akak singgah untuk memfolow..welcome to the world that we can talk wat ever we want!..n salam ramadhan too

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