Monday, July 4

a leave letter for blogspot

Dear Ms./Mr./Mrs. Blogspot, *dunno 'its' gender

I would like to request a day leave of absence for personal reasons. If possible, I would like to be on leave by tomorrow and return on... err.. *ronyokronyok campak tepi 

Taip semula.

Dear Ms./Mr./Mrs. Blogspot,

I hereby seek leave on 4 Julai 2011 for personal reasons. Kindly grant me leave just for a day. I'm going to Putrajaya for perhimpuanan Bersih.

Putrajaya, here i come baby! *putrajaya je pun. sigh

By the way, I'm not be reachable via email, facebook, YM and skype as well. Kindly phone me if there's a need for my assistance.

Thank you very much for your consideration.



sudah baca sila LIKE ye. SEND pada kawan juga boleh.

2 ribu komen:

apik pehe said...

aihhh..arap2 pihak blogspot dapat baca surat ni

sLpmEpLz™ said...

yup, i hope so haha

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